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Praise Sheets of Retired Performance Songs

The following Praise Sheets are from retired performance songs that enhanced the performance with the lyrics of the song and a devotional. They are also educational in they have from two to five illustrations of American Sign Language signs specific to that song. These Praise Sheets may still be used as devotionals for Bible Study Groups, Educational Activities or Programs. You are most welcome to download and use any of them to share God's Praise and His Word. You may find that just reading the lyrics of a song, instead of singing them, can bring a new awareness of the meaning of the song and be the perfect enhancement material for a program.
"Above All” - Devotional "God's Love” Illustrated Signs for "All," "Reason," "Me" Praise Sheet
"Until Then” - History of song Illustrated Signs for "Here," "Look Forward to" and "Heaven" Praise Sheet
"Because He Lives” - Devotional "Because He Lives" Illustrated Signs for "Fear," "Accept," "Trust," "Know" " Praise Sheet
"Same Power" - Devotional - "Trust in God's Promises" Illustrated Signs for "Trust," "Power," "Promise" Praise Sheet
"I Surrender All" - "5 Ways to Surrender Your Life and Let God Have Control" Devotional Illustrated Signs for "Surrender," "All" Praise Sheet

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