"Hands in Praise" is a professional American Sign Language Christian Choir, sponsored by Bethel Lutheran Church of Windsor, Colorado. Churches throughout Northern Colorado are represented in the membership. Faith Mission We believe there is only one God, who exists eternally in three persons, the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Our Mission We believe the Bible is the holy and infallible word of God. We believe that Jesus, who is God incarnate, is the way, the truth and the life. We, the members of the "Hands in Praise" Choir, worship God in song by signing in American Sign Language. All who are interested are welcome to join. No experience is necessary. Choir Information ‚Äč
Many hands, many faiths, all in praise to one God!
Click the tabs above for more information. Home: For more detailed information on the mission of the choir, click "choir information" at the bottom of the page. Performance Calendar: Calendar of practice and performance dates, list of currently performing songs, videos, list of past performance venues and information on how to schedule a performance. Enhancement Materials: Materials that compliment each of the currently performing songs, The Praise Sheets include the lyrics of the song, a few illustrated signs and a devotional. The power point slides can be used to introduce songs at a performance. Gallery: Includes pictures of choirs thru the years and scrapbook pages of activities. Donors: A current list of the past two years of donors and accumulative list of donors thru the years. About us: Contact information of the leadership team members, list of all performing and support members and a list and links to all the choir members churches.

Hands In Praise

American Sign Language Christian Choir

Next Performanceis March 15LaSalle Community Church Check calendar for details!